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Yakkin' with BWO

Having a Good Summer!

by TONI NOLF on 07/22/22

We are having a good summer, and hope you are, too!  Despite the nationwide heat wave, we feel pretty fortunate that we have not had too many days over ninety degrees!  We have had some very low, but clear, beautiful water on The Nottoway.  We got a little bump up to 5' on the Sebrell gauge this week, but that did muddy the water.  The levels are predicted to go back down to around 3'.  At that level, you may have to do some walking and dragging your boat, but it leaves many beaches and sandbars exposed where the kids can play!  We try to use as small of boats as possible, because we would rather drag a 40 lb. boat than an 80lb. boat!
We have hosted a number of large groups, from Kayak Kids to corporate team building to educational trips!  We can accommodate your group of 20 or so....reserve your spot ASAP!

After Two Years of Uncertainty...

by TONI NOLF on 03/11/22

We are still here! It has been very, very challenging to remain open since March of 2020.  We have all had CoVid, child care problems, supply chain problems, money problems, etc.  You know...But we did it!  We still, of course, are all facing some enormous challenges in this chaotic world that we live in.  Let us just count our blessings, and keep on moving forward.  Thank you for your support!  Stay tuned for our revised list of services, pricing, and new paddling routes.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on March 23rd.  Sincerely, Toni and Crystle

Our Favorite Season

by TONI NOLF on 09/22/20

We have been busy!  We have had to cancel some river trips due to extremely high water levels, but we will keep on trying!  We have a group trip scheduled for Saturday, so keep your fingers crossed that the Nottoway River cooperates!  Call Crystle at the shop if you would like to sign up.
We just ordered some more COOL STUFF, so come in and check us out in the next few weeks!  I am looking forward to trying the Sportsman 106 and Sportsman 120 fishing kayaks.
For the sake of safety during this relentless pandemic, we are still open for limited hours.  We welcome appointments, social distancing, and MASKS.


by TONI NOLF on 06/07/20

Where has this year gone?  We have all been doing the best we can do adapt to The New Normal.  Thank you all for your business and support during this pandemic.  We are still in the process of adapting, evolving, revising, reviewing, and reinventing ourselves.  Bless you all, and stay safe!

Welcome, 2020!

by TONI NOLF on 01/28/20

2019 was a busy year, especially with guided river trips!  We are now in our taking inventory/planning stage of the year, as we always do in January, February, and some of March.  Our winter hours are by appointment, so please leave a message...either by voicemail, text, or email.Stay tuned for our calendar of events, classes, tours, and upcoming sales!  Happy January :)