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Yakkin' with BWO

Busy Already!

by TONI NOLF on 04/06/17

Although our river trips and classes have been hit-and-miss due to weather, we are finding ourselves extremely busy!  Thank goodness the weather man didn't get it quite right today, but we would have had a tough time out on the river with our Encore Learning group had we not cancelled.  The wind is ripping!  So, wish us better luck next week on actually getting to paddle.  We had a great time with that group last Wednesday!  I'll be posting our pictures.

We posted a job:  https://www.indeedjobs.com/blackwater-outfitters?hl=en_US !

We have lots of new boats!  Even if you don't see what you are looking for in our advertised specials, come into the shop Wednesdays through Sundays, and Tim can work you a deal.  We also have a huge inventory of PFDs, so I know you can find one that fits great, and is within your budget.

I think I went overboard when I ordered all the new styles and colors of dry bags.  You must come in and see all the new colors, shapes and sizes!  We will be discounting last year's dry bags in order to make room.  These make a perfect gift for anyone who spends any time outdoors.  *Think rainy, expensive trip to The Masters, and everything is WET.  Everyone needs a dry bag to protect their personal belongings :)

Open for Spring! Wednesday, March 8th, 10AM!

by TONI NOLF on 03/07/17

Wow, old saying "time flies" is all I can say right now....we decide our "Open for Spring!" date after considering things on the March calendar like Daylight Saving Time changes.  This upcoming weekend will signal the beginning of long days  :)  !  The river temps are warming up, and we are geared up for the upcoming season.  The Encore Learning classes start very soon, and we are working on coordinating the Kayak Kids classes which begin mid-June.  We could use some help!  Please send your resume to info@blackwateroutfitters.org if you are an able-bodied, reliable, friendly, honest, hard working, outdoors-y, focused soul who doesn't mind getting dirty and wet.  The job here requires heavy lifting, and working in all kinds of weather conditions.  Hours will vary, and may also depend on weather conditions.  We are open Wednesday through Sunday, we would expect for you to be available...we are closed Monday and Tuesday, but take turns with being on-call to fill online orders. Stay tuned for BIG SALES!  They will change like the weather, so pay attention.  You don't want to miss out.  Take care, and have a GREAT Spring!

Summer of 2016. Where Has It Gone?

by TONI NOLF on 10/27/16

We had a very busy whirlwind of a summer.  We were the busiest that we have ever been.  Kayak Kids was a huge success, with not even one class rained out!  It would rain before class, and stop, it would rain after we were done....it was amazing.  We attended the Florida Watercraft Dealer Conference at Tampa Bay, in August, and picked up a fantastic array of new boats, tested first by us!  Try for yourself, the Predator PDL, pedal drive, and the Predator MX Minn Kota, with a battery powered motor drive.  The This group of dealers also worked together as a team, with Dunkin-Lewis, Johnson Outdoors, and each other, to come up with some custom colors for a special line of Predators and Malibu XL models. These colors are unique to our group, and you cannot get anywhere else.  Come and see them, their numbers are limited! 

The Predator is in "Pittsburg Steeler" colors, and the Malibu XL is a beautiful blue, yellow, and green.

End of March...

by TONI NOLF on 03/31/16

Wow!  We are starting off the year with a bang! Busy, busy!  Make your reservations for that family outing soon, as the calendar and the classes are filling up!

If you are interested in what we do at Blackwater Outfitters, and would be interested in part time employment, please send us a resume.  Specifically, we are interested in a reliable, bright, student who would work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school, and other hours as needed through the summer.  We would also like to hear from folks with a good handle on shipping and online sales, for working variable hours.  Also, if you are qualified to serve as a part-time guide/instructor send that resume to info@blackwateroutfitters.org, or snail-mail to PO Box 218, Courtland VA 23837.

Basic computer skills, valid drivers' license, good communication skills, and the ability to lift and load boats is a must.  In all kinds of weather.....  :)

Time Flies....

by TONI NOLF on 03/14/16

Well, Spring is here!  We are starting the season with a CRAZY sale....from our opening day of Wednesday, March 16th until Sunday, March 20th, everything GREEN is 33% OFF!  No exceptions!  How much fun can this be??  If you see a brand new kayak or canoe that happens to be GREEN, you can get it for 1/3 less!!  That is right, a kayak that is regularly priced at $999.99 would be discounted by $333.33!  How about a really nice green paddle?  If it is regularly priced at $179.99, take off $59.99!

So, let the fun begin!  Happy Saint Patrick's Day!